Decompression FAQs

  • How does spinal decompression work?

    Over time the normal movements of daily life begins to cause our spinal discs to deform and narrow. This wear and tear process will eventually cause bone spurs, arthritis, disc degeneration, and injuries such as bulging and herniated discs. As the disc narrows, it causes increased pressure within the disc. This increase in pressure keeps the needed blood flow, water, and nutrients from entering the disc at its normal rate. Eventually the spine and discs begin to break down. Also the increased pressure within the disc causes increased pain. Simply put, spinal decompression works by using a special distraction (separation) force to take pressure off the spinal joints and discs thereby allowing the discs to heal and the pain to be alleviated.

  • What does spinal decompression feel like?

    Generally when you are having spinal decompression done, you will lay on your stomach or back. A special belt system will be placed around your torso and pelvic areas. The distraction (separation) force is applied very gently. The separation force gradually increases for a set time, then slowly releases. It repeats this process while increasing the force over a 15 to 30 minute time period.

  • Treatment Plans

    Dr. Ford generally recommends a trial of 3-5 visits using decompression therapy to see if the patient responds well to the therapy and will benefit from it. If the initial visits are helpful at alleviating the pain and symptoms associated with the patients disc problem, then a plan of 2-4 visits per week for 4-8 weeks will be recommended. Unlike many clinics who offer decompression therapy, we do not require signing a contract or up front payment for the entire care plan. Decompression therapy is $30 per visit.