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The best family chiropractic care in NW Georgia. No outrageous package pricing. No hidden costs. Just patient-focused care in a family atmosphere.

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Pain relief and recovery. Not pain management.

Our mission is to help you return to the activities you love without pain holding you back.

We will always treat you the way we would want to be treated, and that mindset is at the core of our practice. This is why we don’t sell outrageous packages or pressure you into a treatment plan that you aren’t completely on board with. We believe that you are capable of making your own decisions about your healthcare and financial means- which leads to a very safe and trusting environment at our clinic.

Our tools for pain relief

  • Chiropractic Adjustments

    Both of our doctors use ‘manual manipulation’ (hands-on) as their main method of adjusting. This is associated with the 'pop' sound. An Activator will be used if requested.

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    Dr. Ford performing an adjustment on a lower back
  • Decompression Therapy

    Decompression therapy works by using a special distraction (separation) force to take pressure off the joints and discs thereby allowing the joints to heal and the pain to be alleviated.

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    Decompression Therapy being performed on a lower back
  • Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

    Laser therapy has been shown to treat a wide range of conditions and disorders. It is a medical device that produces a specialized class IV infrared laser beam to treat the soft tissues of the body.

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    Megan performing laser therapy on a patient's knee
  • Condition Focused Massage Therapy

    Massage can help release muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility, promote healing of muscular tissue, improve posture, and reduce blood pressure.

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    Massage Therapy
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We do our best to accomodate walk-ins

Walk-ins are always welcome! No appointment necessary! (Although wait times may vary) Ford Chiropractic accepts walk-ins on your first visit and on any proceeding visits. This is for your convenience so that you can drop in without the hassle of calling or waiting.

On your first visit, it is helpful to schedule an appointment so that you have time to fill out your initial paperwork and for our office staff to verify insurance coverage for you.

  • Established and New Patient Walk-ins are welcome.

  • New patients please come 1 hour prior to closing.

  • Please note: scheduled appointments are seen before walk-ins.

What our patients have to say...

"I injured my neck and waited it out for three days thinking it would resolve on its own. I finally decided to make an appointment due to pure misery, and they worked me in the next day. Dr Gamache and Austin were great- super friendly, helpful, fast, and efficient. While it didn’t “fix” my neck immediately, I was finally able to sleep for the first night in three nights without tossing, turning, and having terrible neck pains. I can tell my neck is already on the road to recovery and can’t say thank you enough. I’ve been using Ford for years but not routinely- will definitely try to have more routine visits given my line of work. Thanks again!"

Ryan Rucker

"Dr. Aaron Ford and his staff are personable, down-to-earth friendly and well as professional. Furthermore your treatments are affordable---not outrageously expensive like so many other practices. Dr. Ford takes whatever time is necessary to find out all pertinent information as well as instruct you on the healing processes and protocols. His practice is small enough to maintain a friendly atmosphere. No patient feels like a number on an assembly line!"

Ken Anderson

"Due to my condition I've seen Dr.Ford since I was 12 years old all the way through 3 pregnancies and now I'm 30. No pain meds, no surgery. Just a monthly visit. We love Dr.Ford and all of his employees!"

Kayla Leps

"Dr Ford is the only person who has been able to help me with my arm. He is extremely knowledgeable in medical practices that go beyond the basic main stream practice. I strongly recommend Dr. Ford for all of you spinal and muscular pain relief needs."

Autumn Baggett