When you buy an adjustable bed from Ford Chiropractic, you get the advantage of our relationship with the very factory that builds the beds.  Flex-A-Bed and Ford Chiropractic are practically neighbors, right here in LaFayette, GA;  so if you have any challenge, both companies can work together to assist you.  Ford Chiropractic also offers free delivery and set up.

Flex-A-Bed is the answer to the perfect night’s sleep.  Each and every Flex-A-Bed frame and mattress is hand-built to your specification by expert Georgia craftsmen, using the same principles of care and consideration they’ve built their reputation on since 1969.


The Flex-A-Bed Premier sets the standard for comfort and convenience in an adjustable bed.  Every amenity Flex-A-Bed offers can be added to the Premier model.  This fully customizable bed can be designed and built in hundreds of configurations to fulfill your specific needs, including the option of elevation.

Choose from 14 different mattress sizes, as well as six construction options, including gel foam, memory foam, latex, and innerspring/memory foam combo.